Wigwam® Socks: Perfect Pairing With Muck Boots

Wigwam® Socks: Perfect Pairing With Muck Boots

There is no better feeling than slipping on your Muck Boots for the day and getting on with those chores. Whilst most would spend the time researching the type of boot they’ll need, socks are equally important to keep feet comfortable, dry, and healthy.

The Original Muck Boot Company® has partnered with Wigwam®, a great American sock brand, to bring you the perfect complement to the full range of Muck boots. We’ve combined Wigwam’s 110+ years of sock know-how with the superior performance and quality of Muck boots to keep your feet happy no matter the occasion.

Wigwam socks for Muckboot

How are they made?

All socks in the Wigwam® collection are made with merino wool. Merino wool fibres naturally help regulate body temperature. This is achieved by having sheep graze at different altitudes to grow different types of wool – higher altitudes are ideal for making heavy-duty winter socks, whereas lower altitudes are more suited to make lightweight socks.

Merino wool is much softer than traditional wool. The fibres used in Wigwam® socks are power washed to remove almost 100% of the barbules that make wool scratchy, before they are spun into yarns.

Why is this wool beneficial?

Merino wool helps keep your body at a stable temperature. When it’s cold outside, the natural bends in its fibres trap warm air. When it’s warm outside, it wicks sweat quickly away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry. With Wigwam® socks, wool is combined with hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres. These fibres allow moisture to be pulled through the sock and released through the air mesh linings of our boots. By pairing the right socks with your Muck Boots, you’re creating an environment where moisture and heat can escape, so you’re not left with cold and clammy feet.

Wigwam socks for rubber boots

How do I figure out the right pair of socks to go with my Muck Boots?

First, think about what you will be doing in the boots and in what conditions. If you’re on the move in cold weather and you have a pair of our winter boots with fleece lining, you’ll want to use a lightweight sock such as the Professional Boot or Authentic Rubber Boot socks. These socks have breathable vent channels to keep your feet dry.

Similarly, you could use heavy-duty winter socks such as the Northwest Territory socks with a typical spring or summer boot that is light duty. The Northwest Territory is our warmest sock, designed to keep feet warm and turns a lightweight boot into a functional winter boot.

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