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National Pet Day 2024

Emily wearing a pink jacket and beanie hat on a beach with her dog Murphy

Muck Boot UK admin |

Getting out and exploring new places with your dog can have so many benefits, not only for you both mentally and physically, but also when it comes to strengthening your bond with your four-legged friend.

I’m Emily, and together with my dog Murphy I love exploring all the UK has to offer, and helping other people do the same thing by showcasing some of my favourites on my social media pages. It’s safe to say I love nothing better than finding somewhere new to walk.

Emily and her dog Murphy taking a selfie on a windswept hill

This National Pet Day I’ve teamed up with Muck Boot to put together some of my top tips when it comes to finding new locations to enjoy with your dog.

1. Scope out some options

Think about things like how far you want to travel, whether you need public transport or will use a car as this will influence where you can go. I like to get inspiration from places I’ve also seen on social media and I save anything I see in a folder to come back to for future trips.

Coastal grass blowing in the wind with a wooden signpost, beach and blue sky with wispy clouds
2. Use a map to find out where there are footpaths

Remember you’ll need to stick to these! There are lots of great apps where you can discover routes other people have already taken, which is a great place to start if you’re not confident plotting your own route. I also like to have a paper copy too though, just in case plans change or my battery runs out.

3. Think about logistics

Make sure you’re prepared by finding out things like where you can park before you travel. Most council websites will have this information on them and will even tell you things like whether you’ll need cash or card to pay. If you’re thinking of travelling by public transport make sure you know what time the last bus or train leaves, and give yourself plenty of time to get back – you don’t want to get stuck!

4. Look for dog-friendly options

No real day out is complete without a pub stop. Make sure you know where is dog-friendly ahead of setting off so you can plan this into your route. You’ll be able to identify pubs on the map by the little blue beer sign, but I like to start by popping the area name followed by “dog friendly” into a search engine. Then you’ll be able to look at lots of reviews, check out the menu (anyone else like to decide what they’re eating before they go or am I just weird?!) and decide whether it is the right place for you. There’s nothing worse than traipsing around trying to find somewhere to stop when you’re hungry.

Emily wearing a pink jacket and beanie hat on a beach with her dog Murphy

5. Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. That’s what my dad always told me anyway, and it’s stuck with me! Make sure you check the weather before you head off somewhere, and pack lots of layers. Good footwear is also the key – the British countryside is beautiful, but can also be extremely muddy, so I swear by my Wetland Muck Boots to keep me warm and dry.