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Upcycling Your Muck Boots

Image of single Muck Boot wellington hung up as bird feeder on a wooden shed covered in ivy

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Have you ever seen a welly bird box before? Neither had we, until one of our incredible community got in touch to say they had created one! Over the years, we have received many photographs of our wellingtons transformed into new purposes, from planters to umbrella stands, we love hearing new ways to repurpose our footwear. As a brand driven by function, we are so thankful to Chris Sharples, Head Gardener at Watts Gallery for sparking this incredible idea to upcycle your old Muck Boots.

Two images of single Muck Boot wellington hung up as bird feeders, one on a wooden shed and the other on a brick wall

Chris Sharples wearing a green flat cap, blue jumper and denim dungarees

Chris shares his inspiration and story below.

"I was given a pair of Muck Co boots as a birthday gift some years ago, as eventually happens they spring a leak, and they hung around in the shed for quite a while, I even thought I might plant something in them. Then I thought of using the redundant boots to make a pair of bird box’s, the warm dry, solid nature makes them perfect to use. I looked up dimensions online for the right hole size for a particular bird and then with a craft knife cut a hole 2 thirds up the side of the boot, watching out to leave a little flap which I then wired back to create a little roof over the entrance hole. I chose a size for a blue tit and great tit. I filled the foot part of the boot with filling, leaving the ankle area for the nesting chamber. Using a bradawl and wire I closed the top closely, and with wire created a wire hook for hanging. There are plenty of instructions online on how to locate a bird box correctly (RSPB probes best) So ours are up now, situated well apart in the garden so hopefully will be ready for some springtime occupants. After use one can undo the wire and clean out the nest debris for next year."