An aerial photograph of the Isle of Muck coastlineAn aerial photograph of the Isle of Muck coastline


Isle of Muck, Scotland. Population 32. This tight-knit island community faces the wind, surf, rain, and muck every day. This year, we celebrate 25 years of supporting the resilient spirit of those who brave the elements, exemplifying what it means to live life in the Muck. Welcome to Muck.
A collection of three images, including a man wearing a green flat cap, waxy green jacket with shirt and tie inside; A person stood in shallow tidal water, wearing a pair of Muck Boot wellingtons; foreground image of two people small in the frame walking along a beach covered in seaweed and houses on a rocky, low lying hill in the background
 An adult and two children riding bicycles on a country lane at the bottom with a rocky hill with houses and pine trees at the top


The Isle of Muck off the coast of Scotland harbours a community that relies upon each other and the island itself.

Various images of the geography on the Isle of Muck
A collection of images including a young boy, various adults and dogs on the Isle of Muck, all wearing Muck Boot wellingtons
Various images of game hunters and Muck Boot wellingtons on the Isle of Muck
A series of photographs of farmers and farm animals on the Isle of Muck


Main image of Jenny Macewen (granny) and grandson Magnus walking with buckets and a basket of eggs through a field. Inset is Magnus and granny holding their basket and buckets of eggs on top of a wooden crate, both wearing Muck Boot wellingtons


Magnus and (granny) collect eggs every morning
together. Wearing their Mucks before Magnus goes to school.

Jenny (granny) has lived on the island her whole life with her late-husband, Lawrence. The Macewen family own the island.

Main image of Sandy bringing up debris from a boggy ground with his daughter walking towards him, wearing a pink jacket and pair of Muck Boot wellingtons. Inset Sandy is helping his daughter put her foot in a Muck Boot wellington.


Sandy has many lobster pots surrounding the island of Muck & produces all the fish for the island.

When finishing a day's fishing, he plays down on the beach with his daughter wearing Mucks.

Main image of Phoebe walking along a beach with her dogs with the tide and  a small rocky cliff behind her. Inset is a head portrait of Phoebe, wearing a yellow beanie hat


Every evening Phoebe walks her hunting dog in training around the island.

Following this she goes for a cold water swim.

Main image of Emily showing a young boy how to beach clean. Inset is a young boy wearing a pair of Muck Boot wellingtons, carrying a red spade in one hand and two orange buoys in the other


Following school Emily takes the island children for beach cleans.

Winding down the day and educating the children on the benefits to keep the surrounding environments in good order for future generations.

Main image of a new mother wearing a beanie hat with her baby strapped to her front, walking up a rocky moorland. Inset is the young mother with her baby strapped to her front talking to an elderly man wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap


A new mother who is the island beater for the shooting lodge.

Beats with her new born baby. Who also wears baby Mucks!

Main image of Colin Macewen wearing a pair of Muck Boots Muckmaster wellingtons, climbing up a ladder to add wooden panels to a farm building. Inset is Colin wearing a black gilet and olive green jumper and gloves, working on a lathe machine


Colin Macewen (wearing Muckmaster).

A handyman who looks after the island cattle.

Main image of Muck islander Dave wearing a pair of Muck Boots, sat on a rock in moorland with his black Labrador behind him. Inset is Dave wearing a brown fleece and Muck Boot beanie hat


Dave, a long stand islander who works at the island shooting lodge and loves walking the island.

Main image of the Aberdeen Lads hunting club walking through a field with moorland in he background. Inset is a few of the Aberdeen Lads socialising outside a building, all wearing Muck Boot wellingtons


A group of gentlemen from Aberdeen who have been visiting the island hunting lodge for 14 years together. Many of them have worn Muck boots for years.

A flock of sheep and two herders in a field


Sandy (fisherman) and Pam (granny) graze their own sheep to provide for their family and sell their produce to the coffee shop.

A young girl wearing a Muck Boots beanie hat and t-shirt with butterflies on it, standing in front of a beach with seaweed covered rocks and a rocky crag


Tara (daughter of Ruth and Coilin), loves wild swimming after school. She has every style of Muck boots and loves tending to her horse on the island.

Man tending to young trees, wearing a pair of Muck Boots Muckmaster wellingtons


Dougie, who visits the island from time to time and joins the community maintaining the island, he works on the historic walls throughout the island.


First of Muck Boot's 25th Anniversary series