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The Best Wellies For Walking The Dog

The Best Wellies For Walking The Dog

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The UK pet dog population has hit a new record at 9 million dogs, says the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association. The growth in dogs shows that 26% of households now own a dog, representing an increase of around 300,000 households.

Exercising your pet should be fun, so making sure you are comfortable is paramount. Consider the needs of your pet – do you have a big dog with boundless energy or a smaller breed that only needs a short walk? Then consider the terrain you will exercise your dog over.

Roaming the hills for hours on end will need a stout footwear choice that keeps you comfortable, warm and dry throughout. Styles such as the Arctic Sport or Arctic Outpost are ideal walking wellies for covering the miles in comfort, while keeping the elements at bay. For muddy conditions, the Muckmaster and Wetland have an outsole that is designed for wet or loose grounds. 

However, for a short stroll around the park you may prefer the convenience of a mid-height welly boot or even something from our Muckster II collection – these easy to slip on wellies are ideal for those cool spring mornings after a heavy dew so they make perfect back door staples.

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