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The Power of Enrichment & Socialisation with Your Dog

Two brown cockapoo's stood on a large log

Ten different dogs sat in a field with flowers around them

At the award-winning Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, enrichment and socialisation are at the heart of what they do. It’s been proven that both elements are vital to a dog’s life and are contributing factors to owning a happy and healthy dog. From helping to reduce stress and anxiety, to strengthening bonds with humans and other dogs, all while preventing undesirable behaviours like barking and fear aggression and even extending your dog's life! Bruce’s Doggy Day Care plays an active role in enriching the lives of the dogs in their care, whilst nurturing social development within a safe, fun and loving environment.

 A small dog chewing on a hanging rope

A tired dog doesn’t only come from a good walk or long game of fetch! Like humans, dogs can be tired from mental work such as learning. Dog enrichment taps into a dog’s natural instincts and behaviours, creating mental stimulation and sparking their interests. Studies have shown that on average about 20 minutes of mental enrichment is equally as effective as an energy outlet as 60 minutes of walking. It also reduces unwanted behaviours in dogs caused by boredom, while building their confidence through learning and problem solving.

A Labrador walking down a blue coloured ramp with a female trainer to the side on a blue sky day

The four pillars of dog enrichment:

  • Social Enrichment - promoting contact with other dogs and people.
  • Nutritional Enrichment - encouraging natural foraging behaviours.
  • Sensory Enrichment - stimulating their senses, across sight, sound, smell and touch.
  • Mental & Physical Enrichment - everything from doggy agility to fetch, training to food puzzles.

Two brown Cockapoo's sniffing a woodchip covered ground

Bruce’s proudly offers a comprehensive activity program that delivers across all of these enrichment pillars, every day. Whether it’s keeping your dog entertained through playtime, providing a cosy space for a restful midday snooze or socialising with friends, their dedicated Dog Carers will always go the extra mile to ensure that your dog has the very best experience while in their care.

 A woman giving fuss to a light coloured cockapoo with another brown cockapoo to the side

When a dog joins the Bruce’s family; the size, temperament and age of that dog are carefully taken into consideration so that they can be matched with the right field and environment for them. For the more adventurous pooches there’s the ‘Wild Wood’ field, filled with natural structures to sniff and climbs. Or perhaps ‘Tiny Town’ would be more fitting for your pooch? An enrichment zone designed with our pint-sized pals in mind, with everything from climbing frames to paddling pools, but all made a little smaller!

 A Labrador and small brown dog looking at the camera from a pool

Doggy day care with a difference

With over 15 years of experience under their collars and a team of dog experts, Bruce’s is an award-winning doggy day care designed to unleash happiness and enrich the lives of dogs (and their families). Find out more about their magical combination of passionate expertise and social fulfilment at

For more information and or imagery please contact:

Bruce's Doggy Day Care colleagues sat on a large log, wearing pairs of Muck Boots

About Bruce’s

Established in 2008, we are a multi award-winning business and recognised leaders of doggy day care in the UK.

Our founder, Bruce Casalis, sits on the board of directors for the Pet Industry Federation and has acted as an advisor for the likes of DEFRA, Dogs Trust, and RSPCA.

We combine passionate expertise and 15 years of experience setting professional standards in dog day care and we’re always striving to learn more about dogs and to care for them better.

We’re fluent in dog. We go beyond ‘woof’ to a deep understanding of what makes each tail wag. Our expertise means that we allow dogs to be dogs, and everything we do is dog-first. Dogs are our moral compass.

We featured on Amazon’s docuseries Dog School showcasing doggy day care the Bruce’s way to millions around the world as well as a segment on The One Show focussing on Bruce’s and the doggy day care boom.

 Bruce's Doggy Day Care team members jumping in a puddle, wearing pairs of Muck Boots

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