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How to choose the right Muck Boots for you

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When it comes to what wellies to buy, choosing can seem like a daunting task. From casual waterproof work boots to knee-high, mud-resistant wellingtons, the market is swamped with plenty of viable footwear options — each for different activities and terrains. So, how do you know which ones you need?

Don’t get stuck in the mud when choosing. Allow us, , to lend you a hand. Use our guide to sort your ankle boot from your and settle on the perfect boot for you or your loved ones.

We really know our muck..

Before we dive into what wellies you should be wearing this winter, allow us to introduce ourselves. Muck Boots started out in recognition of a universal problem - muck. Wet, messy, muddy, dirty muck — and we were determined to find a solution for keeping our feet warm and dry through it all.

Over two decades later we have extended our boot portfolio, embraced new technology, and re-invented the rubber boot with athletic models like the Apex  - often referred to as the ‘Hiker boot’. We now sit at the vanguard of a whole new generation of outdoor footwear, providing year-round comfort and durability for a life outdoors.

That being said, when choosing boots from our range, you won’t be stuck between muck and a hard place — that is, it’s not basic wellies or nothing. Branching out into Dog Walking Boots, Clogs and even Wider Calf Boots, we have footwear for every task, style, and foot type.

Let’s get started on finding the right boot for you, shall we?

View from behind of a woman climbing through muddy ground and hay, showing the outsole of her Muck Boot Apex boots

Where to start when choosing boots

The best place to start when choosing boots is to ask yourself a lot of straightforward questions to determine exactly what you are looking to get out of your new kicks.

Use the following bullet points as a guide to get those creative juices flowing.

  • What will you be primarily using your wellies for?
  • Do you require a boot that can be used for multiple different activities?
  • How often will you be using your boots?
  • What’s the terrain like where you’ll be walking in these boots?
  • Similarly, what’s the rain like where you’ll be walking in these boots? Is the climate warm and dry mostly, or will it be slippery and wet?
  • What specific features are you looking for from your boots?
  • What do your current boots not do?
  • Do you require any extra support, such as wide-calf models?

Using those questions as a starting point, let’s break down some of the factors influencing your future footwear choice.

Person walking through a stream

Boots by activities & use

Starting with what you will be using your boots for. Do you need them for work? If so, do you work indoors or outdoors primarily? If your occupation is outdoors, do you need waterproof models (perhaps if you are a farmer), steel-toe types if you work on a building site, or ankle support (if you walk on uneven ground a lot)?

For outdoor, wet-weather work, we’d recommend:

Within these broader categories, we’d encourage you to explore further based on the unique requirements of your job or activities. For example, If you plan to be ankle-deep in the winter mud in the Peak District then wellies like the Muckmaster, Arctic Sport and Apex may be considered.

For exploring, rambling, and light hiking, the Apex collection is a terrific product offering all the exceptional comfort and durability expected of Muck Boots but with athletic performance.

Have a more casual reason for your new pair of boots, such as leisure, hobbies, or gentle exercise? Then we’d suggest looking into the options below. These options have gentler features and are better for low-intensity activities, offering daily support.

The Lifestyle & Commuting Boots overlap more into the category of trainer and, as such, can be considered the ultimate multipurpose boots — from pottering around the garden to doing the school run, Lifestyle Boots can cater to it all with stylish design and sleek finishes.

If you want style and warmth for walking the dog, country walks, or watching the kids play sports our Arctic Sport II, Arctic Adventure and Arctic Outpost are great smart yet practical choices.

Terrain & weather conditions

Our neoprene is 100% waterproof and self-insulating.  Typically, more neoprene coverage and the thicker the neoprene, the more warmth will be generated. If you are looking for the warmest winter boot, our Arctic Ice boots will also provide you with a grip on icy surfaces.

For warmer days and the shoulder seasons, lower-cut boots provide excellent performance, comfort, and protection but with increased versatility. We offer lightweight boots that keep you cool but ready for any sudden downpours.

Another factor in helping you settle on the right boot is the ground you’re walking on. Does it get icy where you live? Or, is the climate relatively mild, but you live in a rural, hilly area?

Person walking near an icy river

Different outsole suit different terrains and conditions. From frozen ground to thick mud to delicate lawns. Meteorologically, the British Isles are very special. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, we benefit from a maritime climate that is rarely very cold or extremely hot, and yet we have palm trees in Devon and skiing in Scotland.

Fortunately, we have products for all occasions, and many of our customers own more than one pair of welly boots.

Style of boot

As the bare minimum, you want your boots to fit, right? But there’s so much more than that. From the height to the level of support, don’t settle, choose.

Varying heights (long boots, mid-calf boots, ankle-height boots, or shoes) offer improved insulation and protection, while some allow for more breathability and versatility — whether in the depths of winter or the height of summer.

Many of our core styles are available in mid and ankle heights, and the Originals collection offers stylish colours and prints to complement their rugged versatility.

Based on what your style is, you can select from the following:

  • Tall Boots for Men & Women. These are perfect for walking through puddles or working in areas where there may be standing water and high levels of mud.
  • Short Boots for Men & Women. Again essential for muddy, wet conditions, these stylish calf-length booths are easy to slip on and off.
  • Ankle Boots for Men & Women. Ankle boots are ideal for gardening and tasks that require you to switch between indoor and outdoor work, as they can be easily removed (and reduce the risk of mud getting on your clothes).
  • Clogs for Men & Women. Stylish and functional, clogs are excellent for completing domestic tasks comfortably, or for travelling light on, say, motorhome holidays.
  • Wider Calf Boots for Men & Women. Tired of your boots rubbing against your calves or forming a vacuum when you try to pull them off? Chances are, you need wide calf wellies.

Person walking into a shed wearing a pair of Muckster II Boots


If you have a rough idea of what you want from a boot, why not choose based on that criteria directly? Sometimes the easiest way to get exactly the boot you’re after is to narrow down your search to things such as breathability, flexibility, multifunctionality, heavy-duty-ness, and so on.

Using children's boots as an example:

Still stuck on what wellies to buy?

Still not sure? Fear not, we still have a number of tricks up our sleeve. If you want some assistance purchasing the perfect pair, consult our Boot Finder or Full Buying Guide.

If it’s more inspiration you’re after, head over to the Muck Boots blog where you can find further guides such as Best Boots for Dog Walking, Best Boots for Gardening, and Best Winter Boots.