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Tips for Keeping your VIPs safe this Festive Season

Woman playing with her dog in the snow

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This Christmas period brings lots of special occasions, family and friends, and food and drink. And when it comes to keeping your pet safe, there’s more to think about than usual.

Woman in Muck Boots feeding her dog treats

Stress free celebrations 

  • Stick to your dog’s usual routine to avoid disruption and help them relax
  • Bored dogs can be naughty, so make time for playing and walkies
  • With more people in the house, your VIP may feel overwhelmed. Give them a safe space with blankets and toys

Woman in green countryside attire hugging her dog.

Tree-related tips 

  • Keep string lights out of reach to prevent your pet from chewing them or getting tangled up
  • Vacuum regularly to make sure your pet doesn’t eat any pine needles

Food to watch out for 

  • Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Steer clear of chocolate tree decorations and don’t leave any parcels containing sweet treats under the tree
  • Don’t let your pet eat cooked turkey or chicken bones – they splinter easily, potentially causing your pet serious problems.

Poisonous plants 

  • Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, amaryllis,fernsand pine sap are all toxic to dogs, so give these plants a miss. 

And now all that’s left to do is to have a happy Christmas with your pet! 

Woman crouched down on Autumn leaves holding her dog.

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